Day services

Workshop activities

At the heart of Garvald lies the ideal of valuing the contribution of each individual. Residents and day service users are encouraged and supported to participate in productive and creative activity. This is achieved through the provision of a variety of workshops, which run from Monday to Friday and can be attended either daily or on specific days of the week.

Our bakery produces bread and a selection of other products both for consumption within Garvald and for sale at a weekly Steiner School market and at the Red Barn.

The craft workshop engages people in a variety of media such as clay, candle-making, willow work, papier mache, felting and puppetry.

With 76 acres, Garvald has a large amount of land that provides opportunities for outdoor work. Estate work on our woodlands and grounds is a key feature of our programme of activities. Residents can get involved in path-making, woodland management, firewood production and lawn maintenance.

Training and experience in a variety of horticultural tasks are provided through our Paradise Garden, which concentrates on growing flowers and herbs. Gardening is carried out using the Biodynamic method, further details of which can be found on our website. The Paradise Garden has a purpose-built workshop where various indoor, plant-based craft activities can take place, when weather conditions prevent gardening. These include making products such as herb teas, soap and bath milks.

Our Weavery has helped residents and day service users to develop technical skills in weaving and artistic expression through form and colour. A number of useful products are created, such as cushion covers, scarves and bags. Felting is also a technique used in this workshop to produce decorative items.

In Woodwork, residents and day service users are involved, according to ability, in making clocks, hand-finished spoons and decorative boxes. This involves learning a variety of woodworking techniques, including decorative pyrography.

Each workshop is led by a workshop leader, skilled in their specialist area and finished products are often sold to the public.

Skills accreditation

Through our partnership with Borders College, it is possible for people to have their level of skill acknowledged and certificated. Candidates present a portfolio of their work, giving evidence of the level of skill achieved. Where some residents are unable to participate in workshops due to the nature of their complex needs, an individual programme of activities can be agreed that may involve the use of one-to-one support workers.