At Garvald West Linton, we offer adults with learning disabilities a range of residential care and creative day opportunities. We also provide workshop places for non-resident day service users and in some cases skills accreditation.

80th Birthday Fundraising

Garvald West Linton are celebrating their 80th Birthday this year and have many wonderful events planned to mark this special occasion.

In conjunction with these celebrations we are planning a number of fundraising events. The purpose of fundraising is to allow us to build an outdoor space where everyone involved in Garvald can come together to socialise, work and play. Our target is to raise £80,000, and donations are managed securely by GoFundMe.

My parents (also my guardians) were heavily involved in developing my support plan. All carers who support me are given specific training regarding my needs and how to support me. Given that I have no verbal communication and I am profoundly disabled, staff need to be able to read my subtle signs.

This always involves a shadowing period until any new carer is confident enough to support me. The service helps me to partake in as many activities as possible. Staff keep me safe at all times

- Garvald Resident