Work Placements


At Garvald West Linton, we have a long history of offering the possibility of work placements for young adults keen to do a social “practicum”.

Work Placement Opportunities

At Garvald West Linton, we have a long history of offering the possibility of work placements for young adults keen to do a social “practicum”. We have formed good working relationships with many Waldorf schools throughout Europe and we continue to work closely with the Waldorf school system.

Most often, the pupil is meeting a “social placement” opportunity encouraged by the Waldorf School attended and normally conducted in class 11. We can only accept applications from pupils that are a minimum of 16 years of age.

The students will have opportunities to hear the English language and practice the different aspects of the language through everyday conversations with people in the houses and workshops and this is a wonderful opportunity for the pupil to develop their English language skills while working with groups of people with learning disabilities. In addition, the landscape around Garvald will invite everyone for a walk or wander to explore the rivers and wildlife or a hike up a nearby hill to enjoy the views. Students will have very individual experiences of the place and will often take away new friendships and positive impressions.

What To Expect

If successful with an application, you should expect to work alongside experienced leaders in the various workshops that we offer. At present we operate six full-time workshops, they are:

Bakery, Crafts, Gardening, Weavery/Textiles, Woodwork and Estate management.

While in Garvald, you will be attached to one of our five community houses where you will live alongside adults with disabilities and staff members.
While the work is challenging, it is also incredibly rewarding and often leads to the pupil making an application to work in Garvald once their school education is finished which we are keen to encourage.

If interested in a placement with us, then please contact us by email in the first instance.

School Placements

“The work placement in a social setting in class 11 is very often undertaken in connection with the so-called Parsifal main lesson. Here the young people encounter marginalised social groups, be it people with disabilities or some kind or socially disadvantaged groups. They must play their part in the institution concerned and may take on responsibility for other people. Deeply moved, they report about their human encounters. But they also become acquainted with and learn to reflect on the occupational problems of these fields of work”.

In addition, we have successfully hosted work experience placements for pupils attending schools local to Garvald i.e. Peebles high school and Biggar high school pupils. We are open to developing these further and welcome applications from anyone interested in completing their work experience with us.