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Join our team and make a real difference delivering care to the vulnerable adults with learning disability, you don’t need previous experience, as full training and support will be provided.

We Are Recruiting!

Roles We are Recruiting

We are currently recruiting for various positions, see below for details.

    Full Time Live-in and Live-Out Care Staff

    We are currently recruiting for Full Time Live-in and Live-Out Care Staff. Care Staff have a 40-hour working week and are entitled to 30 days paid holiday during your first year, rising to 35 days in your second year of employment. The normal shift patterns for care staff are either 7am to 3pm or 2 pm to 10 pm. There can be some variation at weekends. Salary £21,840 FTE

      Useful Information

      Values and Attributes we are looking for staff joining our team:

      You must be;

      • able to treat our service users with dignity and respect
      • able to uphold their rights as individuals
      • honest and trustworthy
      • reliable and dependable

        Skills and Abilities

        You must be able to;

        • communicate well
        • recognise and respond to the needs of others
        • work as part of a team
        • be flexible in approach
        • maintain good sense of humour

          Application for Employment

          Ethos of the Organisation

          Life and work at Garvald is based on the Rudolf Steiner principles of curative education and social therapy. Through working with these principles Garvald aims to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the individuals in our care and to help each individual reach their potential.

          The days at Garvald are well structured with each resident having a day programme of workshop activities, different therapies, leisure events and further education. At the weekends there are cultural events. Christian and national festivals are celebrated in the course of the year and the daily, weekly and annual rhythm at Garvald is therapeutic and reassuring influence.

            Role of the Care Staff

            Care Staff have a very important role to play in ensuring that the residents physical and emotional needs are properly met and in structuring the course of their day. 

            It is expected that all members of care staff should respect the policies and procedures in the Garvald West Linton Policies and Procedures file located in each of the houses and in the Garvald Office. Each member of staff is also expected to work within the recommendations agreed by the Care Commission. 

            Care staff are responsible for the care needs of residents and assisting residents at mealtimes and tea breaks, etc. We try at Garvald to encourage self-help skills. 

            Care staff have domestic duties in the house, e.g. cooking and cleaning; Often these tasks are carried out alongside the residents to create a homely atmosphere; 

            Care staff carry out support tasks relating to personal care and daily living by prompting, teaching by example, working alongside, or doing the task. 

            Following an introduction by the senior care staff and/or deputy, administration of medicines to the residents 

            Each resident at Garvald has an individual Care Plan and care staff are involved in the care planning process and to apply these care plans in daily life. The care staff are involved, with support, in necessary record keeping for the residents in their care. 

            Some residents at Garvald have challenging behaviour and a few with learning disabilities also have some mental health problems. Care staff are required to respond to these. Support from other senior staff is available and the necessary training is also provided. 

            Opportunities exist for staff to work in the day timetable in the workshops or in household activities. 

              Facts About Live In Care Staff

              Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Live in Care Staff:

                What is involved in Care work?

                Our residents have a variety of support needs. Some people have difficulty in communication and care staff are involved in trying to understand them. Some manage to care for themselves well and only need some prompting and reminding to do things. Others have extensive support needs and need help in washing brushing their teeth and support at meal times. Everyone is a unique individual but it is perhaps worth mentioning that you will encounter people with autism, epilepsy, mental health problems, and a number of genetic syndromes. There are a number of people who are described as having challenging behaviour. This usually requires care staff in making an effort to understand the person and developing within themselves an inner calmness and a well thought out response to the person. The work is without a doubt challenging at times but comments that we hear from care staff are that it is very rewarding and uplifting. Care staff quickly develop a respect for the people they work with and admire how they manage to overcome their difficulties. There is a balance to the work. As well as being involved in tasks of daily living such as cleaning and cooking, there is also the opportunity to support people in their work and leisure pursuits.

                Why work in Garvald West Linton?

                There can be many reason why you would choose to work in Garvald West Linton. Some of our staff who come to work in Garvald do so because they wish to visit Scotland during their Gap year. Garvald is situated in the Scottish country side surrounded by moors and hills. We are only half an hour drive away from Edinburgh, the beautiful historical capital. There is also a rich social and cultural life in Garvald.

                During their stay some staff come here to improve their English, mix with different cultures, gain practical skills, develop people skills, experience life in community or share interests with others. Whatever your reasons for thinking about joining us, we expect you to be interested in working with people with learning disabilities or other support needs.

                How long will I need to commit to work in Garvald?

                Whilst we prefer staff to work for us for a minimum of 6 months to 1 year, we offer short-term work for returning staff members to work for a period of 3 months’ duration. Often this will be during the summer between June and September. Short term work is sometimes available at other times of the year due to staff shortages.

                I do not have any experience or qualifications – Can I still apply?

                You do not need to have previous experience or qualifications to apply for a Care Staff role. We have a staff-training programme for new staff which is usually held on a Thursday morning, initially over a six-month period, and when necessary thereafter. Care staff receive supervision approximately once a month from the House Manager or Deputy House Manager. During supervision, issues of concern can be raised and support can be offered. There is also the opportunity for practice to be reflected, as well as training needs to be addressed. Within the first six months’ supervision new members of staff have an appraisal meeting with their Line Manager. This is a reflective meeting and gives the opportunity to mutually review this period and address any issues causing concern or needing clarification.

                What does the working hours look like?

                Our Live in Care Staff have a 40-hour working week over 5 days. The normal shift pattern for care staff are either 7.00 am to 3.00 pm or 2.00 pm to 10.00 pm. There can be some variation at weekends.

                Can I apply for Part Time Live-In job?

                Unfortunately, due to limited accommodation available, we are not able to offer Part Time Live in Care staff posts. However, you could consider applying for Live out Care staff instead.

                How much time off will I get?

                You will be entitled to 30 days paid holiday during your first year, rising to 35 days in your second year of employment. Our holiday year runs from January to December and this will be pro rata based on how long you are working for us.

                How does accommodation work?

                Each staff member is allocated a room. Rooms vary enormously. Some are in modern buildings, others in an old Victorian building. Some have their own shower and toilet, others will involve sharing facilities with other staff. Some accommodation is in the same building as the residents, other rooms are in separate accommodation. The rooms are furnished and all bed linen and towels are provided.

                What is food like?

                Mealtimes are important for us in our houses. Garvald West Linton strives to provide nutritious, healthy and seasonal ingredients for each house to cook with. Meals are regularly eaten together with our residents around a table, using organic and home grown food. You will need to help with food preparation, setting tables and clearing up afterwards. There will be times when, as a live-in member of staff, you will not be on shift and you will need to cook/make your own meals. While you are on shift, meals will be provided, in your household, unless you are out of Garvald in a working capacity. You will have access to certain staple food items. Garvald does not provide meat or fish, outside the occasions that they are available as part of the lunch/evening meal menu. If these items are important for you to have, then you are responsible for buying your own.

                We will endeavour to provide alternatives for food intolerances while you are on duty but we may not be able to cater for these at times when you are off or on holiday. Again you would be responsible for buying your favoured options.

                How good does my English need to be?

                Many of the people that we support have speech impairments and can find talking and understanding speech difficult and sometimes frustrating. Therefore, you will need to have a good command of spoken English. Your spoken English may be assessed during interview.

                What should I bring with me?

                The most important thing to bring is your good humour and sunny disposition.
                The weather in Scotland is variable. It may be warm, cold, snowy, wet, windy, sunny, sometimes all in the one day, so come prepared. Think about dressing in casual layers (such as jeans, t-shirt, cardigan/jumper) and wearing closed, secure footwear (such as trainers). Bring warm clothes with you, especially for outdoors, though you can often buy cheap, warm clothes in charity shops once you’re here. A waterproof jacket, plus scarf, hat and gloves and sturdy outdoor shoes will be useful. Our residents also like to go swimming once a week, therefore you might want to bring your swimwear too. You don’t need to bring bed linen or a towel with you. These will be available during your stay here in your room.

                What is a criminal record check?

                You will be required to fill in a criminal record check from Disclosure Scotland if you’re applying to work for us. Disclosure means sharing sensitive personal information. Disclosure Scotland checks and shares information about people’s criminal records. This helps organisations to employ the right people for certain types of work, like working with children or protected adults. Once you have completed the application it will be sent to Disclosure Scotland, it can take up to a month for your certificate to come back. You cannot start working with us without this. It is important for you to fill the application with the correct information as it might take longer if we have to provide this information at a later date. All offers are subject to receiving an appropriate outcome of the relevant Disclosure check.

                What is a health check?

                We are required by our regulators to ensure that staff appointed are fit to carry out their duties as described in the relevant Job Description. You may be asked to supply information about your general state of health, including any allergies or chronic conditions which might affect your work, such as back pain, migraines, hay fever etc.

                Will I need to provide references?

                You will be asked to supply the names and contact details of two people who can tell us about your skills, experience and character. Ideally one of them to be your latest employer. The referees must have known you for at least two years, and should not be a friend or family member.

                Do I have to be practicing Christian?

                No. However, life in Garvald is lived in tune with Christian and general humanistic ideals and the Christian festivals are often celebrated. It is the celebration of festivals that brings a sense of rhythm to the year which is highly valued by our residents. Those of a different faith or persuasion also make a valued contribution to the social and spiritual life of a community and we encourage them to do so.